Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A Piggy Problem

We have 7 Vietnamese pot bellied pigs that are in need of a new home. Can anyone offer them one??

We are branching into more exotic animals and therefore need to re home some of our more domestic species. The pigs range in ages from 2 - 9 years old and are 3 males and 4 females. The males have been casterated.

As pigs are social animals we want them to be re homed in groups of a minimum of 2. The ideal home for them would be a nice grassy paddock with a mud wallow and a shelter.

These pigs are pretty low maintenance and very friendly. We feed them pig pellets, fruit and vegetables daily.

Any possible homes will need to be inspected by one of our keepers and transport will have to be sorted by whoever wants them. They are free to a suitable home.

If you are interested in giving these pigs a home please contact the zoo on 01752 837645 and ask for Will Walker.


  1. Moving them away to make way for more exotic species? These come from Vietnam - how more exotic do you want?

  2. They are a breed of a domesticated pig orginating in Vietnam and are therefore in no way endangered and we feel there is no place for them at Dartmoor Zoo.

  3. Are meerkats, goats and about half of the other animals there endangered?

  4. Chrissie Watson28 June 2009 at 11:37

    Why not make way for something better? If pigs aren't pulling in the customers then go for it! Its how everything works in life. If somethings not doing the job, replace it with something that can! Meerkats may not be endangered but they sure are popular with the public, like myself! 'Anonymous' obviously doesn't know a great deal about how a zoo works!