Tuesday, 9 June 2009

First Steps

It seems fitting that in first tentative steps into the world of blogging we announce the arrival of a new addition to our collection here at DZP.

Earlier this week we were delighted to discover a new male fallow deer. Whilst he is undoubtedly cute and adorable, eager to explore the paddock he and his family shares with the lama, alpaca, and Pete the ostrich, he has some strong competition for attention in the shape of our newly arrived meerkats.

We recently introduced Sue and Timon to their brand new enclosure outside the Jaguar Restaurant. It's no overstatement to say that the enclosure is fantastic. With glass on all sides and an open top, visitors could not get any closer to these fascinating creatures.

Sue is the older and bolder of the two taking the lion's share of sentry duty whilst Timon spends most of his time foraging and bolting for cover. However, we're also pleased to confirm that he's been taking his responsibilities as the only male in the vicinity very seriously and we have high hopes of baby meerkats before the end of the summer.

We'll be here regularly to keep you posted on developments with these and other stories as they unfold. The world of blogging is quite new to us and we're looking forward to discovering where it takes us.

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