Monday, 6 June 2016

A Thank you to DZP Sponsors - My Claim Solved

From left to right: Kathryn, Michael, Ashley, Mr Pickles,
Benjamin, Jessica.
Dartmoor Zoo would like to extend a huge thank you to new sponsors My Claim Solved, who have sponsored the wonderful Mr Pickles!

Operations Manager Michael Cooke visited the Zoo to meet Mr Pickles with some of the members of their large and friendly Torquay based team.

He said:

“Sponsoring Zoological establishments has always been a passion of My Claim Solved, with a kind hearted ethos and a supportive and giving nature, it only feels right to give back to organisations who put others (the animals) at the forefront of their minds, by continually striving to provide and nurture such wonderful and amazing creatures.

Dartmoor Zoo especially touched our hearts, of course everyone has seen the Hollywood movie and fell in love with the story, but it’s the deep passion they have to rescue and care for animals, the enthusiasm of Benjamin Mee, witnessed both first hand and read about which led to My Claim Solved wanting to be a part of the zoo in any way it could.

We decided on sponsoring Mr Pickles because, well let’s face it he’s cute, and watching him wonder around the zoo just living in his element put a smile on the faces of everyone at the company, plus when we visit we can have photos and interact with him, we would have sponsored Hayley or Fudge but we couldn’t imagine getting a good photo opportunity!!!

My Claim Solved would love to continue helping the Zoo in any way it can and would recommend others to put their hand in their pocket for a great charity and a wonderful place.

We take our hats off to Mr Mee and the staff and volunteers working tirelessly to continually develop the Zoo”

Thank you so much to My Claim Solved for supporting us at the Zoo with their sponsorship of Mr. Pickles. It means a lot to us as it enables us to continue looking after our animals as well as move forward with our vital research and conservation projects.

Find out more about My Claim Solved by visiting their website:

Or if you'd like to find out more about sponsorship you can visit:

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