Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Teachers Meet the Education Team

A well attended event for Devon educators
On the 17th January we hosted the first of this year’s Educators’ Open Evenings. Attendees at these events get a showcase of all we have to offer and the chance to share their ideas and challenge us to find challenging and engaging ways to meet their learning objectives.
"[A] very enjoyable and informative evening."
"I didn’t realise how much you offered for education visits."
"Your workshops can be adapted for all levels of students, even students with English as an additional language."
These are just some of the emails and comments we received from participants at the event.

It was a great success with teachers getting a showcase of all our educational activities including our new Bush Craft workshops for primary, secondary and beyond.

Teachers and educational group organisers were also treated to a Close Encounters sessions with the extensive range of animals we use for key stage specific activities here at the zoo and in our outreach programme.

A highlight for many was the visit to our unique Dissection Theatre where we’ve been fascinating students of all ages for well over a year now. Originally designed for post sixteen classes, it’s proven to be a valuable experience for students as young as year seven.

We also managed to pick up some great suggestions from teachers in a lively question and answer session.

The DZP Education Centre’s brand new prospectus illustrating all the activities on offer was also very well received. Whilst primarily aimed at schools and colleges, all the workshops are adaptable for the general public, businesses, children’s activity groups and more. Many of the workshops on offer will form the basis of holiday activities for the general public.

Education Officer, Coral Higham is excited for the future, “We’re trying very hard to find the limit to what we can offer here but we haven’t found it yet” she says. “The input we get from teachers looking to achieve their learning objectives in fun and challenging ways really helps.”

We will be holding a second Educators’ Open Evening shortly after Easter. To book your place, please contact Coral and the team now.

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