Saturday, 10 April 2010

Red Kites Over Zoo

Its official. A Red Kite was seen today soaring over the zoo.

This wonderful majestic bird gave zoo staff a visit this morning. Believed to be a female, she was circling overhead at low level. A beautiful sunny day showing off her colours in the sunlight. A first for most zoo staff.

Although Red Kites have been seen in the area before it has been many years since the last sighting. Their decline has meant that sightings are extremely rare now. This Kite is the first for many years and we hope that this may be the start of many more visits for this region.

This magnificent bird of prey is unmistakable with its reddish brown body, angled wings and forked tail.

At one time confined to Wales, a long running protection program has successfully re-introduced Red Kites to England and Scotland. The nearest areas of re-introduction to Devon are Central Wales and Central England so for Kites to be seen in Devon must mean that they are successfully spreading throughout the country.

Have you seen Red Kites near you?

Or if you know the best places to see Red Kites?

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  1. A little bit away from Devon but there are LOADS around Stokenchurch, Bucks. We had about 16 diving into the field next to work a few weeks ago. See more of them than normal birds!

  2. Thats wonderful. I know the area and have seen them there myself. Many can be seen on the M40 around the High Wycombe area too. They have been released in the Cotswolds and are now quite common in the Midlands and towards the South East.
    Its a long way from Devon but i hope that this bird indicates that they are spreading down towards the South West. Lets hope they nest here. Great.

  3. I was at Stafford Moor Fishery on Tuesday 25th May, it's situated between Winkleigh and Dolton approx 10 miles north of Dartmoor and watched a Red Kite fly over the lakes, only the one sighting though during the week I was there.

  4. a red kite circled our bungalow this morning there has been a few sighting in our village we are in north essex

  5. Ironically, a red kite was seen today flying high over Colchester zoo. I was watching a falconry display at the time which involved a very noisy black kite. The keepers had seen it earlier in the day and believe it was circling the zoo in response to the black kites calls. I may have been mistaken, but I think I saw 2 flying together later that day. Here's hoping they're nesting nearby!