Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Watch the Meerkats

We've recently install these great new web cameras so you can now drop in and see the meerkats 24hrs a day.

This is the main enclosure. We'll be moving the camera around from time to time so you get to see the whole show.

This is where you'll find Sue and Timon tucked up at night in their temperature controlled house.

They've been getting down to the business of starting a family recently so make sure you keep a close eye on developments.


  1. Isn't funny how the Lion Man story and all its great comments have seemingly disappeared what a stupid idea having a blog you should know better really its going to be a platform for people to let other people know what the place is really like. I take it that means the idiot isn't going to turn up!!!!

  2. Loved the drink driving comment hahahah what a twat!