Friday, 25 September 2009

Monkey Update

The fundraising here at the zoo has been going a little slow to begin with but is now starting to pick up. The keepers and education team have been baking cake, doing lots of talks and are in the middle of sorting out a raffle with some great prizes. We have also been selling in our shop monkey merchandise where all the profits made from these go directly into the monkey fund. The site has been cleared for the new enclosure by our maintenance team. The old lynx enclosure has been taken down as well as all the bushes, weeds and other low lying foliage in preparation for the new enclosure to be built.

The main fundraising activities will take place during the October half term but we are selling cakes and goodies every weekend up until then. The aim is to raise at least £4500, so far we have only managed a few hundred. We are all very determined to raise the amount as we want to give these monkeys the enclosure they deserve. The plans for their new accommodation will include a heated house, which is at least 8 times the size of their existing one as well as a natural looking enclosure which in volume will be hundreds of times bigger than what they have now.

Please help by donating what you can or by buying lots of our home made cakes!!

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