Thursday, 6 August 2009

Pigs transferred to new homes

This photo, taken earlier this afternoon, shows our curator Will and keeper Ben, ushering the two remaining female pigs from their enclosure into a horse box. You may remember in an earlier blog we told you we were looking to rehome our 7 vietnamese pot bellied pigs. Well, over the last few weeks suitable homes have been found for all of them, and these sisters were the last to leave. The 3 males, dominant Boris and his sons, were transferred together two weeks ago and are now living in Somerset. The two females we moved yesterday are also sisters, and were relocated to a small holding in North Cornwall; they are likely to breed in the future. The keepers are very pleased that the pigs have gone to such good homes and could be kept in suitable groups.

The pig enclosure will soon be undergoing redevelopment to accomodate our reindeer, Blitzen, Comet and Donna. Before building work begins in two weeks time, the empty paddock will be used by the reindeer during the daytime. This is to get them used to this area of the zoo gradually. They will have different animal neighbours here, and of course there will be other new sights, smells and noises too. It also means that the tapir will have access to their paddock 24/7 again. The reindeer will still be walked back to the unused tapir house and hardstanding area overnight. Construction of the new houses and hardstandings will begin soon so check the blog regularly for updates on how it is progressing.

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  1. I live in California, with plenty of zoos, but, I really would love to see DZP. Such heartfelt vision.