Thursday, 30 July 2009

Holiday Fun

The summer holidays are finally here, and despite the rain we have been keeping the kids entertained with face painting! There are a number of different animal styles available, from jaguar to ladybird; and badge making so children can design their very own badge or colour in one of our designs.
We have also created a Carnivore Trail and Crossword to celebrate the EAZA "Year of the European Carnivore". We are raising both money and awareness to help with a number of projects which BIAZA are conducting throughout Europe.
The Education classroom, home to our bugs and reptiles, is open throughout the day. People are welcome to come in and look at our animals and ask our staff any questions they may have about them. We have a number of daily talks and feed times, so visitors can watch the animals being fed and learn a bit about them all...


  1. Do your homework, its EAZA's campaign not BIAZA's

  2. Apologies for my slip, you are correct.

  3. It was blatently a typo. Of all the things to jump on the zoo about - why on earth would you pick something as silly as that